Registration Guideline 注册须知

1 author registration can cover 10 page paper's publication, 15 minutes presentation time, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on February 19, etc.

1 presenter registration can cover 15 minutes presentation time, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on February 19, etc.

1 listener registration can cover conference attendance, coffee breaks, lunch and dinner on February 19, etc. Please contact with Vicky by email: for listener registration.

One registration allows only 1 participant to attend the conference. If co-author or family member would like to attend the conference, please register as the listener. About the listener registration, please feel free to contact 1个注册只包含1个参会名额,如果共同作者或是家人想要参会,建议注册为听众。 关于听众注册, 请联系

Additional paper registration requires that two papers have the same FIRST authors.

The paper is limited to 10 pages and additional page is possible but will be charged 50 USD or 350 RMB/ per page.

Exclusion of Liability 免责申明:

The Conference Organizer will not be held responsible for participants' failure to attend the conference directly or indirectly occasioned by visa application deny, riots, diseases or any conditions beyond the control of the Conference Organizer. And thus, the conference registration fee cannot be refunded.


Refund Policy 退款政策:

1. 70% refund for cancellations received before and on Jan. 20, 2022; an administrative fee of 30% registration fee will be applied.

2. NO REFUNDS for cancellation on and after Jan. 20, 2022.


Conference Site Safety Policy 会议现场注意事项:

For safety of your properties, please take good care of your belongings in the conference site. The organizer will not be held responsible for any damage or loss by way cause whatsoever. For the safety of participants and properties, please be sure to wear the conference badge in the conference period. And participants are not suggested to carry unrelated people into the conference rooms.


Registration Fees 注册费明细

Please see the following registration fee details. You could complete the payment by USD/RMB.

  • Category
  • Author (Student)
  • Author
  • Presenter
  • Student Listener
  • Listener
  • Addtional Paper
  • Extra Page
  • Extra Proceedings
  • Regular
  • 480 USD/3300 RMB
  • 530 USD/3700 RMB
  • 370 USD/2500 RMB
  • 230 USD/1600 RMB
  • 260 USD/1800 RMB
  • 360 USD/2500 RMB
  • 50 USD/350 RMB
  • 70 USD/450 RMB